Playing downloaded Bluray movies on WD TV Live

I recently purchased the WD TV live and have no problem playing all types of downloaded movie files

However I have yet to try playing a downloaded Blueray file

Would I be able to play a downloaded Bluray movie without doing any changes as I am not too familiar with this and would have problems trying to change the downloaded files.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

Welcome to the forums.

Downloaded from where?  If you purchase HD material then it will play just fine.  We can’t really (nor should we) advise you on playing illegally downloaded materials from the web (it’s like the old carny barker – you pays your money and you takes your chances).

Well, downloaded from the web,  Thanks for the advice anyway

I will test it out and see how it works, as you said “take your chances”

Would also strongly adivse you not to admit to downloading such stuff on web.

There have been a spate of  pseudo laywers here in the UK trying to frighten people into paying up for downloading stuff. They search on forums for evidence. I believe this practice is now spreading to the US. Tip is to use different user names when on more “suspect” forums.

Type in ACS Law into Google for more info.

PS. Usenet is your friend :manwink:

WD TV Live can play most 1080p file formats including mt2s which is pure blu-ray. But the most recommended file format is .mkv, so if you do plan to download movies (nothing we will say can stop you) then you’d probably want to download an .mkv.

Have tested and plays full BluRay files with no problem,

problem looking at blueray on my wd tv live,sound stop and image freeze what king of router do I need so that will work.If I put a part of the movies blueray on usb key no problem


What will work best is a wired connection.

What MAY work, depending on the rip, is an N-Wireless connection.