Playing BluRay disc from a network shared BR drive

I’ve shared my BluRay Drive over the network. The WD Live TV sees the share fine. But when you press play on the disc it says “there is no media content in the folder”.  Funny that, because it’s a BluRay film.

If I create an ISO of the disc with Any DVD and store it on the NAS or WD internal HD it plays it back fine, without the menu though which is rather annoying?

I’ve recently sold my PS3 and thought it would be nice to be able to use the few BR films I’ve got this way rather than making images of all the films I want to watch.

Any advice would be appreciated. If it’s not possible it’s just yet another feature I wish this device had. 

Thanks for help.

It’s simply not possible.  The device can’t play the encrypted streams, whether off a stock DVD or a stock BluRay.

You have to decrypt the discs yourself in order to have something the WDTV family can play.

I’m pretty sure WD can’t legally get a licence to decrypt the streams, even if they were willing to fork over the yearly licence fees (I think CSS alone is $5200/yr).  The licences seem to only be legally available to DVD/BR players.