Playing Back from Recorded Canon HSF20 Camera


I bought a Canon HSF20 digital camcorder, WD Live Plus HD Media Player, and WD Mybook Essentials HD. I simply want to record video on my new camcorder, save it to the WD HD, connect it to the Media Player and play back on my TV. (actually, nothing simle about that.)  I’m aware, generally, of file compability issues and such, still I figured with all new equipment in 2011 this would pretty much be plug and play for me.  Very disappointed to find the WD Media Player does not recognize files from a Canon HSF20 Camcorder.  Go figure.  I’m running this through Windows 7 – saving from camera to desktop with Windows 7 and then saving to external HD to plug into the media player and watch on TV.

So, what do I need to do to format the videos so they’re compatible to playback on my WD Live Plus Media Player?

Any suggestions regarding a simple, free, software I can use to piece together clips so they playback smoothly would be welcomed also.  Perhaps the editing software and the transcoding can happen all in one solution?  I’m also frustarted that when the video files are played back, except when playing back from the camera, every start/stop on my recording has a pause in the middle and playsback as separate files instead of seamlessly.


New equipment you got in the 2011, but was made in the 2009… :neutral_face:

All compatible combinations you can use are in the user manual, and free software you could try MKVmerge.