Playing albums - always last track first?

Trying to play  FLAC files (from local USB storage attached)   - these have been tagged with Meta data - Track number is set correctly , why oh why does it start/list at track 10 - Great Tune last then list to the first track of album. If the filenames are 01 - track1 , 02 - track2  etc and I have sort by filename ascending: the albums are list in ascending order , but the tracks are in descending  - any ideas - I am sure this is simple to fix , but it is drving me potty…help. Why oh why does it not recognise track numbers - (set in MP3 tagger and also verified in Windows Media Player )


i think you’ve tagged the tracks like 1,2,3,…,10 then 10 maybe played before 1 and 20 before 2 and so on. Try tagging with 01,02,03,…

Hi thanks for reply  but NO - tracks are all tagged 01 , 02 etc I am very **bleep** about this. set using mp3tagger and verified using dbpoweramp and WMP. THis is why it it is drving me nuts… tagging.png

Okay, you’ve tagged the tracks this way, but what about the file names?

Steve W

Hi Steve, No I have the filenames 01 - Track1  , 02 - Track2 . I also tried copying the fiename to the track title and then sorting by titles - this did not work either :mansad: Crazy!!.  Tonight I am goign to try mp3 files as a test  and also may try renaming the files for some FLAC fiels from 01- track1 to 01 track1    .   I have also tried resetting  my box  - deleting and rebuilding media library etc. As a note , this problem is specific to Media Library - If I browse by folders the I can see the files in the correct order. Has anyone got tips and tricks for Media Library , many thanks for participating.  BTW the prev bleep was  for something like banal  without the b :wink:  I had no idea that would be a bleep moment

Tried with MP3 files this worked. I have opened a new thread with repsect to FLAC and tagging,