Playing a full album - is this possible?

ok im just starting out with this kit and have only had chance to backup one album to have a play. however playing the album seems currently impossible with wd2go. while i can see the album and open that and see all of its contents/tracks i only seem able to stream one track at a time. when i open the first track i am given the option to either play it on the native android music player or the doubletwist app - either option gives the same result, ie plays only one track. surely there is some app/way to play the first track of an album and when this is finished the next track begins to play. surely? if not then this mbl/wd2go is hardly the all encompassing media station its billed to be though i hope to be proved wrong. any help would be much appreciated on this.

Unfortunately, the WD2GO cannot play a full album.

this is amazing (ly poor). this is far far from any media solution it is marketted and sold as. in fact as a media storage hub it is more or less useless if it can only stream on file at a time. is there no other third party app that can stream a full album?

I’m new to Mybook. I’ve just got it set up and WD 2go onto my android phone. When i access the music file it shows all the tracks but i can’t play it. What am i doing wrong.

Also if you can’t play a full album it is a bit pointless.

Hi All,

New version of WD 2go - 1.1.0 was released today. This allows playing all songs in a folder. Also, you can now swipe to the next photo in a folder as well.

We are dedicated to continually improving the app - and there will be more to come in future upgrades. We do appreciate your feedback and trust us are hearing you.



P.S. 1.1.0 is also using a new player for Android. Let us know if you are having issues.

Do i need a stand alone music player to play music from my cloud if so any suggestions or should i be able to play from my WD 2go app.

mp3s should play fine. Other audio (and video) files for Android do use external players. I’ve seen Rock Player referenced by other users.

Ok, I downloaded the 1.1.0.  I can not play MP3 files from my music folder.  I tried it on the “demo server” and the music streams fine, but can’t get it to do it from my own server.

It just locks up and when I back out of the app, it crashes.  I tell it to report the issue and then it brings me all the way back out to the “MyBookLive” directory.

Can anybody recommend a good music player app for the HTC Desire that will play my music in mybook