Playing 3d or standard blurays?

I would like to add my 3d collection and bluray collection on my nas and stream it to my live hub

is there anyway to do this?

3D, no, but you can rip Blu-ray discs to lossless MKV format and they play fine on the Hub.

what about using 3d but then manually selecting 2d to 3d would this give the same effect??

if i use mkv format would it keep the menu or not?


I have tried using bluray iso but it behaves funny and seems to fast forward by itself?

That would because a Blu-ray iso would have the MVC extension to h.264 which isn’t officially recognized by the Sigma chipset or WD’s code.

It’s supposed to be backwards-compatible, but it would appear not to be with the WD firmware.  It should be playing as a single-view “regular” h.264 encode.

If you want 3D output from the WDTV, even if MVC was not causing bugs, you’d still need to re-encode to side-by-side, or one of the other formats, in a “normal” .mkv file, since the Sigma doesn’t offer MVC stereoscopic decoding, as far as I can see, and the WD firmware certainly doesn’t support it, to my knowledge, even if the Sigma did.

A plain, vanilla 3D Blu-Ray rip can be played with no issues as 2D.

There’s no menu support, it’ll just play 2D without being told.

Probably the issue you’re running into is how the BD was authored. 

If the Movie isn’t entirely contained in a single M2TS file, then it’s going to cause problems, because the WD doesn’t read or interpret the PLAYLIST files that tell a BD player the order in which to play the M2TS files to construct the movie sequence.

Lots of BD’s are authored in strange ways like that, and that applies to ordinary 2D BD’s as well as 3D.

Wouldn’t any playlist issues merely exhibit themselves as the movie skipping around or only partially playing?

Yes, I agree it *should* just play in standard 2D with no hitches, but the “fast forward” sounded like the WDTV wasn’t handling the MVC properly, so I was presuming there was a bug somewhere.  But if uklad meant that it was jumping around, then obviously my presumption was wrong.

thanks very much it was really weird kepy going backwards then forwards ill try mkvs for blurays then, do you think the player will play multiple m2ts files in order with an update a some point? would using the 2d to 3d feature of the passive tv be good enough to get the passive 3d effect?


it was going forwards through the movie then backwards if i tried to fastforward manually or rewing it it would become worse, had to actually stop the file and fastforward through to where it was messing up