Playing 2 DVD titles, only first cd plays?

I have a concert DVD that has 2 DVD disks. Each ‘disk’ has the VIDEO_TS files, CD 1 is 10 gig in size, 2bd cd is 6 gig and that one will not play at all. I read something on here that say that’s a known issue?

So what can I do to play the 2nd disk?   (The files play fine on my laptop)

Do I need to combine them into one file and if so what software would I use to do that?

I’ve got the 32 gig Blue Ray files too but after doing a search on here I’d need to convert them to an .iso file to be able to play them with the full menu, right?

Never heard of a 10Gig DVD.   8.5 Gbyte is the “legal” limit for DVDs.

So, I would question how the disks were authored in the first place.   Even though disk two is under the size limits, I would still wonder how they were created…

Really? Even dual layer?

I made a mistake though, CD1 is 3.69 gig, CD2 is 10.3 and won’t play.

Yup. DVD9 is another name for dual layer.

Okay, any suggestions?  Is this common or?

I’ve never had a problem playing movies as 2 avi files.

No, it’s certainly NOT common.   It violates the DVD standards.

While some players (sofftware or otherwise) may not care, there’s no reasonable expectation that ALL should support their playback.

There’s no (practical) size limitation to the other filetypes.

Okay, you’re right, I just checked again and I made a mistake earlier!  (twice acually, little hung over this morning I guess)  :flushed:

CD 1 is 3.69gig, CD 2 is 6.69, the TOTAL of the 2 is 10.3, so any idea why CD2 won’t play when I can play the individual vob files on my computer?

The window opens up on the screen, I can seee the play symbol, the sliding bar on the bottom telling where I am, then the screen goes black.

First, let’s use the right terms.   They’re not CD’s.   They’re DVDs.  ;)

 why CD2 won’t play when I can play the individual vob files on my computer?

Playing individual VOBs is one thing.   Playing a DVD (with all DVD features enabled)  is another.   Which are you trying to do?

Okay, thanks for your patience Tony.

On the WD the folder has a DVD 1 and DVD 2

From my computer I see each DVD file has a VIDEO_TS folder containing:

a BMK file

some .bup files

some .ifo files

some .vob files

When I select DVD 1 it opens, plays the intro and takes me to the main menu which seems to be fully functional.

Selecting DVD  just gets me a blank black screen…?