Player won't detect usb flash drive

Hi Everyone,

Ive just purchased a second hand WD TV device mainly to use to show photos and videos however I have experienced the same problem as others who could not get their usb sticks to be recognised by the device. I am using a 128Gig San Disc USB stick formated to NTFS, however after being very persistent and trying various work arounds I noticed that if I put videos onto the stick it would briefly show up at the top of the screen then fail.

I then deleted the videos and placed a photo on the stick and the moment I inserted it into the USB port on the WD TV device it was instantly recognised and showed the photo in the relevant file, but heres the thing, when i inserted the stick back into my pc I noticed that the WD TV device had placed a buff coloured file onto the USB stick, I am assuming that this is some sort of operating programme to allow the stick to be read.

I have another 128Gig San Disc USB stick which I had already formated to NTSF I then placed a photo on the stick inserted it into the WD TV device, it was instantly recognised, placing the same buff coloured file onto the stick, I then inserted the stick into my pc, deleted the photo and copied the same video file to the stick, inserted it into the WD TV device and hey presto the USB stick was instantly recognised and the video showed up in the relevant file.

I know i am still learning about the device, but have I missed anything which I should be doing before I use USB sticks as I have come to the conclusion I need one stick for videos and another for photos, any help would be really appreciated.



what on earth is a “buff coloured file” ?

i’ve been using WDTV’s for close to 7-8 Years now and have no idea what you’re talking about

post a screenshot of the contents of your usb drive

ps. i would recommend using a portable hdd than a usb stick  eg. 1TB WD Elements works perfectly on mine

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Hi Joey,

Thanks for replying, below is a screen shot of the open USB Stick, the buff coloured file I was refering to is listed as .wd_tv

Under it is my video file which when i first placed it in the empty usb stick which was formated to NTSF initially came up at the top of the WD tv screen as opening file or words to that effect, this immediately dissapeared and nothing happened. Then as a trial I deleted the video file and put just one jpeg photo on the stick and hey presto it loaded and opened. It was only after I placed the stick in my pc that I noticed the Buff coloured .wd_tv file so I deleted the photo and recopied the video file and this time I watched it load and open on the WD tv screen.

One question I would like to ask you is, is it best to keep video’s and photo’s on seperate USB sticks or can they be put into the same device??? By the way ive noted your advice on a hard drive and will probably take this route, many thanks.

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MrChairman wrote:  is it best to keep video’s and photo’s on seperate USB sticks> it’s BEST not to use USB Sticks at all … use a HDD (Portable or External Powered)> nope doesent matter on HDD … put you Photo’s, Music , TV Shows, Movies all on the One HDD> USB sticks …  can be pretty unreliable , i have a 64Gb Toshiba … and it’s a bit dodgy (works fine on Windows 7 … but my Tablet, Phone, Raspberry Pi and WDTV … it’s unreliable)> Use a HDD … and all’s good