Player won't detect usb flash drive

I’m trying to use a flash drive (Patriot PEF16GRUSB 16GB). Formated it NTFS so i can save movies more than 4 GB, but the player won’t reconise it, but if i format it to FAT32 it will work. But this player suppose read NTFS drives?? wha’t wrong? 

my product is WDBHG70000NBK

My WD TV Live SMP happily reads/detects a 128Gb USB3.0 NTFS flash drive.  It also reads/detects 3 other USB2.0 64Gb flash drives one of them also a Patriot.

It detects 2 identical 16Gb Toshibas, a Corsair 16Gb and a Corsair 32Gb and various 4Gb and 8Gb flash drives.

The ONLY drive I have trouble with is a USB3.0 640Gb Samsung (have no idea way)…    :frowning:

It will NOT detect this though my computers have NO troubles with it…

It would NOT detect the 128Gb when it was formatted as exFAT (default)…

If it doesn’t read/detect your flash drive I would suggest there is something wrong with it    :frowning:

louwin - you may be lucky and find that all your drives work but I can assure that some of mine don’t. They work perfectly well with everything else I have so they are not faulty.

Mine only works if i format it FAT32, but not NTFS or exFAT. But the manual says it should read ntfs? well, it reads my ntfs portable hard drives well, but not this usb flash drive patriot.

I too have had this problem. Had a Kingston 32GB in NTFS that it wouldn’t detect. Finds all my external drives fine though. Weird thing is that I had a Sandisk 4GB in NTFS that it could see fine?

I was just pleasantly surprised to see it works with an unpowered hub.

I got an old 4 port hub.  Plugged in a 128GB, a 64Gb Sandisk, a 32Gb Corsair and a 16Gb Corsair.  First I plugged the separate power to the hub.  All four flash drive worked perfectly.

I switched it all off and went to bed.  Next morning switched it all on but forgot to switch on the power to the hub.  All four flash drives worked perfectly unpowered   :D  Even my computer wouldn’t do that   :smiley:

I have used the hub without external power since…

Very happy   :smiley:

I tried another usb flash drivee formatted ntfs and it did not worked, so is the player. Maybe the latest firmware?