Player restarted and no longer connects to wireless

Hey Guys

A bit of help would be awesome, I was scrolling through movies and the system restarted, no warning, just turned off and then back on again and did the usual start up, everything seemed ok until about 2 hours later when i went to transfer some files from my laptop onto the connected WD drive and saw that it was no longer on my network.
So i went to setup and checked network connection and all the boxes were red, Went to run network connection and it no longer gives me the option of wired or wireless just has automatic and manual. 
IF i run auto it gives me “unable to obtain an IP address. The WD TV has limited or no network connectivity” and manual doesnt connect if i manually put it in

I dont think its searching at all for a wireless connection

I reset my Router and the Wd tv, no help. Even reset to factory settings and nothing. 
Can someone please help as this is insane.

I am on latest firmware : 2.01.86

Just a bit of info i cant move the unit to the router as then no tv and cant move the router to it

also just tried to rollback to last update doesnt help, still only has auto and manual

Hi, did you tried to setup a static IP for the WDTV? 

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Static IP is not even a valid reply.

Is the device hot (overheated)?

How old is it? 

Is your router working with other wireless devices? 

Hey Taurusage

Static IP was not an option correct, wasnt over heating (i checked it when it reset).

My wireless was working with all my other devices and the unit is probably about 2 years old, i got it april 12 when i moved from US to AU. 

Oddly enough the next day when i turned it on i decided to check if there was anything else i could do and it suddenly gave me the option to check wireless or wired… so no idea why its behaving like this but its now all fixed up

I think the unit couldnt find the wireless signal and wont show wireless unless it can find one 

I’m suffering from this right now. I only bought the bloody thing yesterday…

The wireless worked for a couple of hours last night, but tonight the whole wireless option has disappeared!

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