Player doesn't always play the common video file (mpeg, avi)

Player doesn’t always play the common video file (mpeg, avi) but just rotates the round arrow indefinitely. (I don’t get error that video type is not supported.) It sometimes play video files off of the WD 2TB NTFS 2.5" HDD, sometimes doesn’t, even if its the same file, have to do the reset, then it will play it, but again it will refuse to play the same other file that it played ok earlier on. Its a headache to constantly do the resetting. And it does take long time to come back. Its a WD TV Live streaming media player (WDBHG70000NBK-VESN) just bought, and I am seriously disappointed with the performance of the unit. Even though it upgraded to latest fw 1.12.14 as soon as I connected to the net. The videos files are just regular ones like mpeg, mpg, avi, and these are original files from Canon and HP cameras that I copied onto HDD fine. Funny thing is that a cheap media player (NBox, and IOMEGA media player) played those files well. I bought WD player because it was the latest on the market and promised to play Youtube as well as all usual video files off of the HDD. Problem# 2: there is also a problem with the notification it gives when you hit Videos icon from the main screen. that says: Use top right coloured buttons to sort, change views…and there is radio button for “Do not show this again” Does not work, even tried so many times, so many variations .e.g clicked OK and it gets a check mark. then hit Back button. Later,that stupid prompt appears again and again all the time. What a lousy piece of software!!! Problem# 3: Does not auto-play next file in any folder be it videos or photo on the USB HDD. Even though all settings are double checked to make sure next file in the folder should play after the first file. Settings are: Auto-play ON, folder gets green check box ok, Repeat ALL is also ON,( tried all options), still the player stops after playing a video or photo, also No slide show is possible. Did research on your forum and support knowledge base, without any luck. Not connected to network shares etc. Just use it with usb HDD only, that is also WD 2TB portable. I had just one wireless modem/router by Telus. Player is on HDMI port #1 of the TV, Also 720p LED RCA TV is not a smart TV. Player and tv both are Canadian models and I live in Burnaby. BC, Canada. DID a reset 3 times and a factory reset too, restarted many times, even left disconnected overnight, but no good. Does anyone of you think is there any solution to fix this intermittent play problem?

If you are having all these problems and have done a reset to factory defaults then you must have a faulty device and I suggest you return it for a another one.