Playback has jutter / pausing effect since update firmware

     I have a Wd Live Plus, a Acer Aspire Home Server(ethernet to server) and 60in Hitachi (HDMI).  I haven’t had the greatest of luck with playback on my DVD files.  I was hoping with this newest update it would improve. 

     I now get the DVD menu more often then not but I also get excessive jutter in the play back.  It doesn’t really matter the DVD file.  I was watching the Expendables last night  and it did it 4 times.  The picture will slow and I will loss sound and 10 to 15 secs later it will start back and go fine for 20 to 30 mins and do it again.  I was wondering if it was just that movie but it did it on How to train a Dragon, Alice in wonderland, and the Tsunami warrior.  And it didn’t matter if it was action or not on the screen.

      If I watch the same file up on my Laptop plays fine.  Can any one HELP.

If it’s VIDEO_TS based, it’s a known issue (and four times:  you’re lucky!)  If it’s ISO based, that’s a different issue.  

The latest firmware has this major judder and loss of sound. like you describe. roll bacl to 1.03.49 to fix this. But its also best to package your VIDEO_TS folder in an ISO image to make things work for dvd rips. It’s all a bit messy.

Also there is possible minor judder/pausing on both 1.04.10 and 1.03.47. I had it on 1080p mkv files.

I had to go back to 1.02.21 to get rid of this judder. Not sure whether it effects dvd images.

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