Playback Freezes with USB 2.0

Hi everyone.

I would like to know what´s the problem. While playing a media file (mkv) the playback suddenly stops/freezes. It happens very randomly 2 or 3 times during a normal movie. That only happens with external HDD (WD My Book usb 2.0). The same files, on internal HDD run perfectly so i know that is a usb issue. I have another 2tb My Book and the same problem…but my brother´s My Book, which is usb 3.0 (with same mkv files) RUNS PERFECTLY. So the question is, if WD Live Hub has 2.0 usb port, why it plays better with 3.0 usb HDD?

Can it be solved with any update? It´s very frustrating to see my videos in that way.

Thanks :wink:

This problem happens with all FW…

I have 2 x WD 1 GB My Books connected with no problems ? No help, but USB 2 is not the issue…

2 x

and this sometimes

All with no issues

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I guess so…

But I´m not the only one:

There must be an answer :cry:

I had those problems the other year, but it always boiled down to encoding problems. Either too many reference frames if it was a 1080p or some other issue…it being VC-1 strange encodes.

It obviously does not explain why the USB 3 drive would be any better, since the Hub is not even USB 3 and the drive would be using USB 2.

Do the same files play ok from the internal drive, it must be the drive itself that has issues, did you remove any of the bloatware you get with them. I always format them to NTFS and get rid of everything ?

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Exactly, same file runs ok on internal HDD. Both MyBooks (2Tb) are NTFS, like my brother´s MyBoook. The only diference is usb port.

I have never opened the hdd case…I can´t  understand that.

Mmmm yeah been reading some more of your posts, but I see you were drowned out.

I think your theory of Drives is more plausible, as in  WD Book 2TBs rather than USB2, as obviously your brothers 3GB works fine.

Hard to see that this could be the cause, but so many strange things happen to people with these boxes that nothing surprises me.

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Yeap, i´ll keep searching or waiting a WD solution…

Thanks for your attention!!