Play video files from NAS

I have a AirPort Extreme to connect to the Internet.
I have a hard drive connected to the USB port.

I have a Drobo 5N connected to the Ethernet port.

I can use wifi, but I have an Ethernet cable port next to my TV, so I can use either.

Question: Can the WD TV Live see both drives, USB and NAS, and play any supported video file?

Thanks for your help.


The ability to detect and play media from devices connected into your router will depend on the router’s configuration, permissions, and networking protocols used. If it allows for standard Windows networking Server Message Block/Common Internet File System (SMB/CIFS), then yes, the devices connected into your router should be detected.

A very detailed list of supported files is available in the “Appendix” section of this unit’s User Manual, available in the following link:

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Could you help me?

I have a Netgear ReadyNAS model RN312, with SMB protocol. I have actived more NFS, AFS, FTP, HTTP and HTTPS protocol. My NAS and my WD TV Live are on the same Ethernet switch. NO router between the NAS and the media player… The WD TV Live don’t want to detect my NAS like a windows network share. DLNA only…

And I don’t want DLNA communication but network share !

Could you help me?



Did you set “Enable Access to LINUX shares” to “ON”? This setting is found in the Setup>System>Network menu. It is the last item.  If I remember correctly you have to scroll down to the next page to find it. It is turned off by default.

Thanks for all your help.

I found a good article on the Drobo 5N. It supports SMB/CIFS and AFP.

The Drobo 5N only has Ethernet. It runs a version of Linux. 

It can be formatted for Mac, HFS+, or various Windows formats.

I would like to format using HFS+, making it easy to copy files from the Mac to the Drobo.

Question: If I format the Drobo 5N using HFS+, set up the Share on the Drobo, enable SMB/CIFS and AFP, then will

the WD TV Live play the video files, and let the Mac copy files directly to the Drobo?

Tokyo, are you sure about those specs? I have never seen a NAS that has multiple file system support… Seems meaningless to me, since there is no real concept of local file system when using network protocols…

In fact, looking at the 5N’s getting started guide, it says the ONLY file system supported is EXT3, which makes sense for any Linux-based NAS.

Thank you for your clear thinking.

I have a Drobo Pro directly connected to my Mac. It supports a wide variety of formats, including HFS+. 

The Drobo 5N only has Ethernet. You are right, the only file format supported is EXT3. For details here is the Getting Started Guide for the Drobo 5N.

So It would seem that the Drobo 5N can talk with a Mac using AFP, and the WD TV Live will see it as a standard NAS drive. Just create a Share, give it a login and password. The WD TV Live will see the share automatically, just give the WD the credentials and any supported file in the share will play on the WD TV Live.