Play music without turn on the TV


  1. sorry for my poor english

  2. short situation:

  I plan to buy the WD TV Live Streaming. On the external HDD (usb) I place the movie and mp3 files.

  The WD TV Live Streaming is connectetd via HDMI to a 5.1 audio receiver (audio receiver via HDMI -> TV)

Q: Is it possible to start music on the WD TV without extra turn on the TV? Something like a webInterface to search

  in within  MP3 Folder for a song or album? The implemented Web GUi is afaik only for remote purpose. You don’t

  see the content of the WD TV Box…

I hope its understandable.

br from germany


Yes, it is possible, If your setup is like mine, you will need to set the HDMI mode to MANUAL on the WD, or the audio will go off when you turn off your TV.