Play music stored on mycloud in ipad music player

I just got my mycloud setup and put a few music files on the mycloud. I have the mycloud app on my ipad and can see and play the music files through the app. But the app is nearly useless for music because it does not really have a music library (show songs by artist, album, genre, playlist, etc.). Can I see and play my mycloud music files in my ipad native music player app or in some other app?

I can see my pc music files on my ipad through apples home share, I’m wondering if I can do the same sort of thing with the mycloud.

What does it mean that the mycloud has an “itunes server”, and is this related to accessing mycloud music on the ipad?

Hello, the iTunes media server will stream your music files to all iTunes clients your network. 

it will not stream to itunes on the ipad. If you know of a way to make this happen please let us know. I have it working on all my pc’s, but not on ipad. I can only browse my music within mycloud on the ipad

Hi, do you have any more information to add to your answer please. It was pointed out in October that your answer was wrong and I am also looking for an answer to the same question. Thanks.

I take it when you look at your songs in itunes on your ipad there are no controls for playback that appear. Below is a partial image of what comes up when I open up my songs from My Cloud in itunes, the My Cloud library loads, I then choose to see the list of songs and I can click on one and then start them to playing. Across the top of itunes is the control bar and menu bar etc.


I found the following after a Google search, hope it helps.


Thanks for your response. The link was useful but unfortunately it didn’t answer my problem.

The screen grab you have shown appeart to be a pc or mac rather than an i device. I’ve never seen something similar on iPad or iPhone so if it is taken from one then please can you point me to where it is on the iPad. I see the same as you on my laptop.

When I go to the shared section in the Music app on my iPad it just come up with a “No Content” statement and I don’t see any files. Also, I think that even if this was working it would only do so if my laptop was turned on which isn’t convenient. I’d like to just have access straight to MyCloud.

I can access the files directly using Sonos or the My Cloud app. However, I really want to use the Djay software with these mp3s and I can’t fit them all on the iPad.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Reply to RedLeader97,

I have been doing some surfing on my PC to see what I could find. I hope the following will help. A yes answer to each question may help you find a way to play your itunes from My Cloud.

Do you have iTunes on your computer? If yes have your backed up the computer using the SmartWare. If yes your music should be on My Cloud under iTunes. See image below from my Gateway PC.

The folder you want to find is your music folder then open it and scroll down to iTunes.

A couple of things I suggest if they are not already set up. Turn on iTunes Library Home Sharing and in Preferences under Share, share the Library. See image below. Look under Devices too, I take it from what I see that ipads should sync automatically unless the checkbox is checked.

I hope this will help and you can play them on the ipad.

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I came across this post trying to find out the same answer.

Unfortunately, it can’t be done.

Apple ios devices use a proprietary scheme for connecting to an itunes server, so no apple device will be able to see the wdmycloud shared media.

I found this info in this guy’s video blog:

How can I get my music stored on the cloud to play in iTunes

I have my music library completely and easily on the WD My Cloud, but how can I get them to play on the iPad and iPhone?