Play Movie from Folder View

Not sure if this is possible.  But how can I play a movie by just clicking play on the folder that contains the movie instead of having to go into the folder and pushing play on the movie.  Right now if I do that it shows me my folder.jpg thumbnail for the folder.  Note all my moives are on a nas and I am connecting through a network share.


Unfortunately, no, you cannot play the movie just clicking in the folder, you need to go to the folder and then click in the movie.

You can just press “PLAY” on the Folder and then the Movie starts without entering

 the Folder.

I do have a WDTV Live HD.

And i just retested it in List  and Folder / Thumbnail view.

I have tons of Thumbnailed Folders.

It also works with ISOS if you klick on the Folder which contains an ISO.

I have tested it in 1.4.17and 1.4.22 Beta with a plugged USB HD and Network Shares.

Azumi and it works for you on a network share?  How exactly are you setup with your folders/movies/thumbnails?

Currently I’m like this

  Movie 1
    Movie 1.avi
  Movie 2
    Movie 2.avi


Me too , same Folder Style.


-> Movie Name

                           -> Movie.avi


I move my curser over the Thumbnail in the Movies Overview and press “PLAY” Button on Remote. 

I have a Windows 7 Home Premium installed , simply made the NW autoconfig in WD Setup.

I typed in my Windows Name / Password 1 time ( autosaved ) in the Network Shares Access and got access to my shares.