Play media from My Cloud 4tb thru Dish Hopper

I have the My Cloud 4TB.  My Dish Hopper sees the drive easily enough but won’t play the media. I’ve tried m4v (mp4), avi, and avi formats but all the Dish Hopper shows on the menu is an icon with a question mark in it. Am I missing something> Should I pum p the files thru my WD TV Live then to the Hopper?

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Some cursory search that the Dish Hopper is a DLNA DMA, so it should be able to see and play the content out of the Cloud provided the encoding is supported. If it were an encoding issue, you would see the file and some “unsupported” message. If you see a question mark for each file, then it is probably an encoding issue. Otherwise, it could be a DLNA server setup issue.

Can you see the DLNA server on a PC, for example, in the This PC window? Can you watch content there using Windows 8.1 Video metro app, for example? Of VLC UPnP?

I have not spent much time with it but my Hopper won’t play reliably from my PC or MyCloud device so I question the Hopper.

However i have not tried playing from either device from something other then the hopper so I could have another issue

I can play the flicks on my laptop thru Media Player. Looks like either Hopper or My Cloud need to be tweaked. I use Win 7.

So just to make sure, playing the movies off a share in the Windows network doesn’t count. I am talking about playing the content through the DLNA player. You have to open the content from within Media Player, looking at the shared libraries in the left navigation panel. If that works, the WDMyCloud is not the problem: it serves the library and media info right. Your problem is with your DLNA client, the Hopper. The client is responsible for streaming and decoding the content on the server. The server is just serving catalog and library information.