Play files sequentially - is it possible?

what I would like to do is put, say, 10 videos in a folder - they’re already in the proper order.

then, when I play the first one, I would like to automatically play the next one in the folder.

In other words, to automatically play one video after another, sequentially and consecutively, as if there were on an iTunes playlist, until it gets to the end of the folder.

I notice that some DVD players do this automatically, whether you want them to or not (!) when you play media files through the USB port.

(I should check and see if the WD box does this with audio files & MP3s… that may be a clue…)



Press PLAY instead of OK and it’ll do that.

my goodness! thank you!  so it does …

however, this is curious:

I have 50 files in the folder - and they’re numbered sequentially, as follows (am just listing 10 here) :

00-Barbra Streisand - Retarded Children’s Association(240p_H.264-AAC).mp4
01-Three Caballeros (1944) title song - WF Edit.mp4
02-Sam and Friends - I’ve Got You Under My Skin (Now Synched with Better Audio)(240p_H.264-AAC).mp4
03-Frank Sinatra _ Count Basie Orchestra, in I’ve got you under my skin, Tv Show, 1965…mp4
04-Frank Sinatra - It Was A Very Good Year BBC EDIT.MP4
05-Mills Brothers - Jungle Fever.flv
06-John Zorn mouths off Warsaw 1999.mp4
07-James Bond Redux 54 Below - Lauren Fox.mp4
08-Nat King Cole - Non Dimenticar (Italian TV).mp4
09-Nat King Cole-Sullivan 2 Lover Come Back To Me.mp4
10-Garden of the Moon - Lady on the two cent stamp.mp4

I started with 00, and I was hoping it would go from 00 to 01 to 02 etc.

but it seems to be going randomly! 

dumb question, but is there any way to deal with that ??  to make it play the files in name order (which in this case is number order… alpha / numeric order is probably the technical term for what I want)

thanks!  this is a major help!


I don’t use the WD to play music that way, so I’m not sure,  but there’s an option in the Settings music to change how the files are ordered.

I’m not in front of mine right now so I can’t tell exactly where it is, but see if you can find that.

yes!  you like totally rock, Dude!

the setting is “repeat all” - then it just plays like I want it to, one after the other.  yes!

thanks again!