Play DVD on Folder Thumb

I’m trying to switch to thumbnails mode which seems easier operation for my father. But the DVD files under /VIDEO_TS folders operation is not as straight as other formats.

For example, I coudl put movie.avi and movie.jpg under /movie1 folder. If I use thumb mode, now the thumb could be shown and the movie could be play when press “play” key with the movie1 thumb folder.

Since WD TV Live seems only play DVD files under /VIDEO folder correctly. We hae to put all DVD VOB files under /VIDEO_TS folder.

If I put DVD file under /movie2/VIDEO_TS and create /movie2/Folder.jpg Now press “play” key on the movie2 thumb folder could not play this video. We have to enter the /movie2 directory then play the /VIDEO_TS folder but the movie2 thumb folder.

I know that we could put another jpg file under /VIDEO_TS and rename it to match the first VOB file. But it’s not a good idea. Packing DVD to an ISO file would be OK but taking time.

I tried to create a playlist under /Folder2. Sadly that it could not operate “play” to the Folder Thumb. We have to enter the Folder2 and play the playlist.

So may I know if there’s any better suggestion?

That sound like the only way if you want to take advantage of the DVD navigation.