Play Blueray Iso's with the latest firmware?


with this releae i cannot play blueray iso’s. I can change the audio channel but the tv-screen is black. I ripped the iso’s with anydvd. Do you have any idea?

Who can i download old releases of the firmware?


Try the prerelease firmware 1.02.14

You can still download some of the older firmware’s from the WD website, they’re just not easy to find.

Here’s a link to  1.01.17 :

And here’s the older 1.01.11 firmware:

The PreRelease firmware (1.02.14) is NOT intended for general use and has significant issues, particularly with MKV files when accessed via Network Shares.  I would avoid it for now if that will affect you.

To get the older firmware working, you’ll need to edit the wdtvlive.VER file in Notepad before putting it on your USB drive.

E.g.  If your current firmware is 1.01.24, edit the .VER file to be 1.01.25 (i.e. a number higher than the currently installed version number).

For further links / info, check out this thread here:

Keithb wrote:

Try the prerelease firmware 1.02.14



The prerelease firmware is no longer available from WD.


i have solved my problem. I installed an old version from the USB Stick (1.01.11). Now i can play my iso files.

Thank You…