Play back BD ISO files with full content navigation

Hi all. Just bought a TV Live Hub. Latest FW. All networked. ZappoTV controller on my iPhone. So far, so good.

I see it can load a BD .iso file. But it still only plays the longest or main stream, as far as I can tell. I’d like to see it able to play back BD .iso files with full content navigation like a standard BD player.

Sounds logical to me. Any takers?



If  by BD  you are referring to a Blue Ray Disk rip, then you are out of luck , the WD TV Live Hub does not support BD play back, it can only play DVD rips. The device handles the BD structure.

Hi. Yes I realize that. This is precisely my point. I was suggesting the possibility that the firmware could be made to read the menus of a Bluray .iso file in the future like a DVD.iso file. Are you saying that this is beyond the physical capabilities of the player?

I believe this was already suggested in the IDEAS LAB, and was already closed.