Play all child folders by selecting parent folder?

I have my photographs seperated into child folders by subject (“friends”, “family”, “vacation”, etc.) with all those grouped into a single parent folder called “Pictures”.

Is there any way to select the “Pictures” folder and have WDTV play all of the photos in all of the child folders?

I tried selecting the “Pictures” folder  and pressing play, but that doesn’t work.  It only lets me play photos if I drill down to one of the lowest level folders in the tree.

I tried selecting “All Photos”  when the source is set to media server, but that picks up all the .jpg’s in my “media” folder (of which “Pictures” is a child folder), including album art and movie thumbnails.

I do not have an answer for playing it but I have a “workaround” that works for me.

In the system settings and in the appearnces area if you select to set your screensaver to display a random photo it will play all the pictures in a random fashion.

I’ll keep an eye on this if there is a way to start one up manually but the workaround does exactly what your looking for