Platform Change, Windows 10 to iMac

Greetings. I have a my book 5tb that I have been using for my photos (photographer) and have just ordered my first iMac. Not being familiar at all with Macs, as I’ve been a Windows user since 3.0. So this is all new to me. I’d want to use the MyBook on the Mac, however the drive now is formatted NTFS. Are there any instructions some where how to do this? I want to keep my files obviously. If I put the files on another drive, will the Mac be able to read the other drive format and do I have to send them up to a temporary cloud storage which is generic. Any suggestions ore advise would be greatly appreciated.


In order to use the drive on your Mac you need to format it for Mac. This will delete all the data stored in it.
You can copy the data to another drive and then copy it back once the drive has been formated.

Here are instructions on how to format the drive for Mac.