Pixellation issue when streaming 15GB MKV

Hey there I have recently bought a new LG 42" HDTV (42LS570T) and hooked it up to my hub, everything looked great but I have noticed when watching Star Wars (especially during lightsabre duels) that the lightsabres are pixellated due to the fast movement (when stationary there is no pixellation). I’m not sure what else I can do as I have put the Audio/ Video input to HDMI Auto with match framerate off, and I have tested the mkv files on my PC which work perfectly with no issues.

What else could I be missing? 

PS. Sorry if you’re not a Star Wars fan!

I forgot to mention, I have the files on a 3TB WD Elements external HD, connected via the front USB port on the WD TV Live Hub!

Thanks again!

Pixelation isn’t a “Playback” problem.

It’s a normal artifact of digital compression.   In other words, the pixelation is due to the way the file was encoded / compressed.

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Hmm why would this cause the video to play fine through a PC connected via HDMI to an HDTV with no issues, but when it’s from and external through the Hub via HDMI is starts doing this! :frowning:

I tried putting the file onto the Hub itself rather than the external - Same thing

Tried two different HDMI cables - Same thing

Tried with two other copies of the same movie, varied sizes - Same thing

Which leads me to conclude that it’s an issue with the TV, however when I adjust any of the settings nothing seems to change which is annoying. Unless anyone knows something I could do to counteract this issue?

Thank you to Tony for replying too by the way, I appreciate you pointing me in the right direction!

Hmm.  That seems contradictory.  You play the file from your PC to the same TV and it DOESN’T have the issue?  If that’s the case, I don’t see how the TV would be to blame.  Or are you using the PC on a different TV?

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You could post the media info of the file
http://mediainfo.sourceforge.net/en (free)

Untick the boxes if you don’t want the extras.

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I have a few Star Wars rips and none are less than 25gb in size, which tells me you are ripping yours at a lower data rate if yours is only 15gb. That could be the source of your problem. Does your PC monitor have a HDMI input? Try playing them back from the Live Hub to the monitor. If they look fine that would point to your HDTV as the problem.

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My LG has a thing called trumotion - try switching it off.

You may want to adjust the mhz too?

Finally, not all HDMI cables are the same - the cheap ones can lead to lag, tearing, bluring pixelation etc - try a different brand of cable if you can.

good luck :smiley:

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Hi there, just to clarify my monitor is a different HDTV to the one I am using for my WDTV Live Hub!

I have however fixed this issue as Goldbadger stated, I too discovered that Trumotion was to blame for this on my LG TV. Which means whenever I view a Star Wars movie I shall be turning it off!

Thank you everyone for your advice and sorry for wasting any time as this turned out to be a TV issue!

Well it took a forum to help me find a solution so it’s never a waste of peoples time.

Glad you got it solved in the end!