Pixar's Blu-Rays not Playing...any fixes?

So, I have the two Toy Story movies on blu ray, and i’m trying to get them to play with the player. I’m ripping them with my laptop on DVDFab, putting them on a harddrive, and playing them. The problem is, they start too far into the movie, during the movie it’ll automatically start fast-fowarding until a few minutes later into the movie, and when you try to fast-foward it, it’s horrible. I know it’s fast-fowarding isn’t alwas exact anyways, but I’ll fast foward and be seeing like the last 10 minutes of the movie, then play it and it’ll play like 30 minutes earlier. A lot of the same things happen with the ratatoullie blu-ray also.

I’m pretty sure it’s not my burner/software, since I’ve successfully played 2012, X-men, Fantastic 4 District 9, all on Blu-ray. Not to mention many DVD’s I’ve tested. How can I get it to play right? Do I just wait for some firmware that’ll fix it, or any suggestions?

The problem is it uses seamless branching (as do other Disney and Pixars).  It needs to be ripped as one m2ts file/MKV file.

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Freeware like BDInfo can tell you what playlist is required for freeware like tsMuxer to mux into one m2ts file.

Any software suggestions to rip it into that format? And, it will still maintain the true blu-ray quality right? Because if it doesn’t have the amazing picture then I would just as well watch the DVDs…

To rip into *what* format?  I just told you you could use txmuxer to mux the playlist into an m2ts file.  This does not re-encode the file and thus will not change the quality in any way.

If you want to put it into another container you can use a wide variety of freeware tools.  If you want to compress it (which is what I would recommend) then I’d use the m2ts file and put it into Handbrake (if you use the High Profile preset but output to an MKV file you will have a file which has indistinguisable quality from the blu-ray original).

I used tsmuxer…and it works! It finally plays smoothly, thank you. There’s just one thing I can’t figure out, and it’s that I keep grabbing the French graphics for Toy Story, like during the opening logos and stuff it’s all in French. I can’t find the setting for it, do you know how to get to that?

You’re using the wrong playlist.

If you use BDInfo you’ll see at least three (if memory serves) playlists for the Toy Story movies.  You’ve just grabbed the French one (there’s also a Spanish one).  They only differ by a couple of files (I think during the title and end credits).  You obviously want the English one (which, again if I’m remembering correctly, is the lowest numbered playlist).

Forgive me for being a noob at blu-rays, but what exactly is the whole “playlist” thing? What I’m doing is this:

I’ve ripped TS with DVDfab, the main movie only without extras or a menu or anything.  Then in TSmuxer, I open the folder, go to “BDMV”, “playlist”, then select the file “00000.mpls” as the source, and it somehow automatically knows the whole movie…so I turn it into the one m2ts file which plays fine…could you explain in more detail how to select the one playlist that will be english? Like is it one of the mpls files or something else?

The mpls files are playlists, lists of what m2ts files need to be played for the movie (and what options need to be played).

Use the BDInfo program I recommended earlier – point it at your blu-ray directory and it will show you all the playlists as well as the length of each.  You can then see the various ones to select (and in the case of these movies there will be three).  It will also list the different m2ts files that each list is made of.  Now, to select the English version requires you to examine each list and perhaps even play one (or more) of the files to determine what is the right list.

…part of Mike’s unspoken point is that, when you use DVDFab, rip the WHOLE movie.   Not the “main” movie.   DVDFab might not select the right stream, thus getting the issue you have.

It’ll take longer to rip the whole thing, but you’ll have more flexibility to get what you want.

Then, use BDInfo, which will show you the “structure” of the movie; it will list ALL the playlists, and their length, subtitle tracks and audio tracks that are part of those streams.   In your case, you’d see three playlists with approximately the same length (if not exactly).  When you inspect each play list, you’ll see that each of them picks different audio tracks (and subtitles, probably).   If it’s a good encode, the language of the track will be identified.   (I’ve come across a few that all the audio tracks are marked “UNKNOWN,” so I have to go stick the disk in my Blu-Ray player and find out which tracks are which.

Anyway, once you’ve done that and picked the playlist that matches, you go into tsmuxer, load the PLAYLIST (.mpls file) (which will load the correct .m2ts files in the correct order!).  From there, you can choose to add more audio tracks if you desire.