"Pink Screen Issue" still here after YEARS of updates

I’ve just applied 1.06.43_V to my unit and on the first restart I was greeted with a pink WD menu.

This problem was first discussed on these forums years ago and has been present in every firmware release since 1.01.24.

I’ll be rolling back AGAIN but I don’t understand why this is not (a) resolved, or (b) listed as a known issue.

WD you’ve let me down again. I’m now looking at replacing this streamer with the (DLNA-enabled Bluray player) Panasonic DMP-BD77EB.

For anyone that experiences this and doesn’t want to rollback to a previous firmware, here’s the (annoying) workaround:

  1. Go to Settings > Audio/Video
  2. Select Video output.
  3. Select Composite then Pal.
    You will be asked to confirm, click Yes (it might be OK )