PiDrive not spinning down


I bought the 314Gb PiDrive KIT and installed it successfully. After that I moved the system (Ubuntu Mate) to the PiDrive so my Pi boots now from the HDD.

The Problem is the drive is not spinning down.

I tried hdparm and hd-idle (actually a service on my Pi) but if I use “hd-idle -t” option the disk is spinning down and just spins up one second later.

I can I get my HDD to spin down as I think it is not good for thr drive running all the time (24/7 in my case).

Also I have services like Nagios3 and RPIMonitor running - is this the problem? Do you think it would be better to use the PiDrive just for data storage?

Thanks for your help.

Hi darki,

The drive is designed to function well even when spinning 24/7, regardless of whether it is used as an OS drive or an external data drive.

That said, the drive does normally spin down when there is no disk activity (reads/writes) after some time, so there might be a service or process that is doing small reads or writes. I’m not too familiar with the implementations of Ubuntu Mate, Nagios3, or RPIMonitor, but you may be able to use a tool like lsof or iotop to find out what’s keeping your disk awake (e.g. active log files).

Hi majorglory.

thanks for your replay, glad to hear that the HDD is designed for working 24/7 even without spinning down.

iotop gives me some services with IO operations on my disk, one of them (and I think many people have problems with that) is jdb2 - just trying to find a solution here. And yes, Nagios3 is another one checking ne config file quite a lot if time.