Pidrive Noobs Raspbian Stretch

Sorry for my English.

The Wd Noobs version can be updated to the last version ? If yes can you tell me how ?

I Want to install Raspbian stretch with Noobs on the pidrive. But it came with Jessie . I Know , i can update Jessie to Stretch but i prefer a fresh install.

Can i add a custom os to Noobs ? If yes how can i do it for Raspbian stretch ?

Thanks in advance.

It’s unlikely we’ll see this update since the product is discontinued, but there’s no real advantage to a clean install. Upgrading from Jessie to Stretch is just as good. I’ve done it several times.

Thanks for reply.
With the actual Noobs version we can install Raspbian stretch on the hdd.

I have released a fully updated community edition of the Foundation (NOOBS) software. This includes Raspbian Stretch and updated firmware for the Raspberry Pi B+.

Hi, can this be installed on the PiDrive RPi 3B in usb mode without the need of the SD card?

Hi, I’m a new user of this community. I have a Raspberry Pi B (not +) with PiDrive 314 GB. With your NOOBS - Raspbian Stretch is possible boot on old Pi B ? Please I aren’t expert . Help me.