PiDrive Node Zero - HD not working - RMA impossible

I received the PiDrive today and the HD is dead. It’s not working at all.
I’m not able to get an RMA because the serial number is not recognaized.
I can’t register the product.
How I can do to have support?

Hi, sorry for your problems. I can connect you to my team member that can help process a return or replacement or I can try to help identify the problem if you can provide details about how you set up the unit and what the behavior is. Thanks.

Hi. Thanks for your answer.
The unit is a PiDrive Node Zero with HD WD3140LMCW (S/N [Deleted]).
The HD is unresponsive. It produces strange sounds and Raspberry Pi Zero
does not see it at all.
Raspberry is working.

I just connected a monitor and a keyboard.

Stefano Pisani

Hi, strange sounds may indicate insufficient power. Can you describe the type of power adapter you’re using (Amperage rating and manufacturer) and describe the USB power cable (e.g. length, manufacturer or what type of product it was designed for, etc.)?

Are you using the included microSD card with Foundation Edition preloaded software?


I’m trying with a different power supply and the noise seems gone. HD now is working properly. I’ll do some tests. Thanks for your help.