PiDrive Clicking on arrival

I figure this is the only way to get WD’s attention,

I just received my PiDrive today, (oh joy) upon arrival after I eagerly unpacked it, set it up, powered it on, it began clicking which isn’t a good sign.
I registered my product tried to get an RMA but for some reason, it says “out of region” I am in the US it was sent from Torrance, CA which I am an hour and a half drive from. I need to send this back for a replacement, and if you can WD make up an RMA for me so I can and please pack it better, the UPS driver from the looks of it just chugged it across from his truck to my front door and is why I have a damaged drive.

Send it via FedEx instead they seem to care more about packages than UPS…

OK so I’ve concluded that the drive wasn’t faulty I think the cable is, I plugged in a standard micro USB 3.0 cable in place of the PiDrives cable which made the drive click, buzz, and beep. After I replaced it to format on my computer it read the drive flawlessly.

Hey there, @Tysl332!

I’m sorry to hear that you have encountered such alarming issues with your WD PiDrive & the RMA procedure, but I’m glad to see that there’s nothing wrong with it and it was just a cable malfunctioning. :slight_smile: I hope you won’t need to RMA the product, but in case you encounter such issues again, I’d strongly recommend you get in touch with our Customer Support either via phone or e-mail.

Best of luck!

Hi, the R-Pi system can be sensitive to power source (particularly when a disk drive and other USB peripherals are attached). Although it’s possible that the PiDrive cable is defective, I would consider this unlikely (just want to avoid the possibility that you get a replacement cable and it doesn’t fix the problem).

Can you provide details about your set-up:
Type of 5V power adapter (i.e… current rating, manufacturer)?
Type of USB power cable between power adapter and PiDrive cable connection (length of cable; any other info)?
Other USB peripherals attached?
Is Ethernet active/used?
Are you booting the Pi with the PiDrive Foundation Edition preloaded microSD card (included with the product)?


I’ve solved my issue, and confirmed that the drive nor cable was faulty, it seems the cable is just picky on where it’s plugged into. I attached a standard micro USB 3.0 cable to the drive to my computer and formatted it, with the provided PiDrives cable it wasn’t giving enough power to the drive even after attaching the power line to a 5v USB plug when plugging it into my PC, but I think it maybe be the power plug not being a 3.0 connection after formatting I hooked up the provided cable to the drive and my pi with no issues so far. So as of now everything seems to be good.

Hi, glad to hear you were able to get it working- thanks for the feedback. The PiDrive cable connection between the drive (USB3 microB plug) and R-Pi USB host (USB standard-A plug) is data-only; there are no power lines. This is to prevent “back-powering” the R-Pi. If the PiDrive and PiDrive cable are plugged into a PC, the PC won’t power the drive. But you also tried powering the drive using a 5V adapter- in this case I don’t know what the expected behavior is- I would think that the PC would be able to see the drive (unless the PC USB host port needs to see some voltage on the USB power lines). I’ll try this out on a PC later.

Anyway, hope it’s smooth sailing now!