PiDrive, BerryBoot and Pi B+

Has anyone managed to get their PiDrive to boot with the new Pi B+? Mine just hangs on the initial rainbow screen. It does work with Raspbian and detects the PiDrive ok so I don’t think it’s the board.

Does anyone know if there’s going to be a new BerryBoot SD image for the B+?


I am having the same issue. I have contacted WD to see if it’s an issue with the kernel image.

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same problem for me too, there is a solution to install raspbian on the hd please?
This is my first raspberry: /

The problem is that the RPi 3 B+ uses some different hardware. The SoC, network adapter, and a few other pieces have gotten upgrades and it requires newer firmware.

WD just needs to incorporate the newer firmware from the Raspberry Pi Foundation into their software and the rest will work just fine with the B+. It will not work at all until that happens. (The same is true for Berryboot.)

If you forego the WD software (which is so convenient) you can install NOOBS or Raspbian as a single operating system as they both have releases with the current firmware.

I have released a fully updated community edition of the Foundation (NOOBS) software. This includes Raspbian Stretch and updated firmware for the Raspberry Pi B+.

Many thanks Nilpo