Pictures Display

Hello All,

Just bought my WD LIve TV a few months back and have seen a few updates on firmware.

I love the features that it has and how it handles the files on my QNAP 219 PII NAS but there is on thing Ive seen on my friends house that made me jealous.

Is there a way for our WD Live TV to display random pictures from a folder as the same way that an Apple TV would display? I really dont like to be stuck under Apple rules, thats why I chose to buy the WD Live TV but I have to admit that the feature of displaying many pictures and movies on their original size, that together would fill up my TV screen would be awesome.

Anyone came up with something similar to it? Is there a way for WD to have this as a new feature on a new firmware?

Best regards to all,


Yes dude

it has that option to display pictures like a slide show

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