Pictures being renamed

I have used crono sync to back up my photos from my Imac to mycloud.  The pictures retain their name if I use finder to look at wdmycloud, but if I look at wdmycloud with my ipad the pictures are all renamed and make no sense.  Is there away to to see right file name?

This makes the backup unusable since my renaming on import utilizes date and time picture was made so that I can find them.  While it is a small library 17000 pictures there is no way to find what I am looking for with Ipad app.

Additional information the proper file names are now showing up in iPad app. Guess it just took time. Now the only issue is nef files are not viewable. JPEG are fine but raw are not.

The WD My Cloud app will be able to see the raw files.

Try to see if after the file is visible in the WD app you can import to another app in other to view the file.

If I’m not mistaking the RAW files need an application to be viewable on the iPad.

You can try using iPhoto.

For more information visit the apple forums or apple support website.