Picture Resize Not Showing

I have  a problem.

I have resized ALL my covers from 500x618  to 148 x 225; much smaller. I did not change the name formatting, just the resolution. 

Now, new covers I add show up properly, but the older ones with the resized resolutin still show up as 500 x 618. If I browse to the pic usng a PC I see both the new resolution for new and old pictures, but the SMP does not reconzie the new iamge resize.

I have restarted, I have deleted the %recycle% folder. I have deleted the thumb file, but still nothing. I have do not have media library on beccause it takes hours and i means hours to scan.

Now, If I re-name the resized pictyre and file to something new then it shows up at the new resize scan;;for example

OLD: start trek [pg13]  (both pic and mkv)

NEW: star trek   [PG13] (both resize and mkv) the resize picture shows up properly

Any Ideas? I would really like to be able to take ALL my dvd covers and resize them without having to rename each mkv,cover

Your WDTV is ‘remembering’ the older covers. 

Try deleting the hidden .wd_tv folder from the drive.  It will then do another “Compiling” and hopefully have the new sizes for you.

Hopefully you are able to see “Hidden Folders” on your PC.  You can turn them on via the Control Panel, Folder Options, View, Show hidden files, folders and drives.

Once the hidden files are replaced everything may be OK.

Don’t delete the whole .wd_tv folder… that will delete the whole media library database.

Look insde that folder for any SUBFOLDERS and delete those instead.   Leave the other contents of the .wd_tv folder alone.

That worked…Thanks