Picture icons loads very slow and thumbs renews eacht time

I have a folder containing many pictures and videos on My Cloud Howe. When I open that folder with the Explorer I want to see the files through the option “Icons”. Because there are hundres of files, it takes a very long time for the Explorer to show an icon for them.

But why does this happen again and again? I’m under the impression that Windows is storing those icons somewhere (thumbnail cache in the same folder of the pictures) but would also think that when I open that folder the next day, the icons will be displayed immediately. But every time it takes ages (is a bit of an exaggeration) for him to show those icons.
When I go to Mycloud home via the app, the icons are shown immediately.

Does anyone know why this is? Or how this can be remedied?

So please (even though it’s well-intentioned) no comments that I have to look at the icons with other programs. I would like to know WHY the icons of TIF files have to be recreated every time.

Hi @JanD,

Rendering large amounts of thumbnail previews is an intensive process and can take more time to display when using the Month View than the default Daily View.

I would suggest you to wait and allow the thumbnail preview to render in the web or mobile app.

Please refer to the following KBA for more information: My Cloud Home App Slow to Render Thumbnails in the Month Viewing Mode

Thank you, but that is not the answer on my question. The problem is in explorer for Windows that thumbnails loads very slow en each time again. It works fine in de app mycloud home, but not in Windows explorer.