Picture folders?

hi why is my picture folders not showing up

i put xmas 2010 pic folder into the photo folder on hub and it comes up all open. not in a folder…

plz adivse.


in some movies like --> Star Wars Episode I - The Phantom Menace the metadata wont download because the file name suppost to be Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace  BUT pc will not let u do this… how do u get metadata for theses movies.


If you are talking about all your photos showing up, then try using the filter/sort option to change the filter to Folders.

But as far as getting the metadata, when the you try to get the metadata for something like Star Wars, when the box comes up that says that it can’t get info, or something like that, you’ll see a box with an X in it and the Keyboard box.  Select the Keyboard box, then when the Keyboard comes up, delete everything but STAR WARS, then select submit.  You should have a list to select from now, just select the one that you want.


If you add another folder with at least one picture you should new see your root folder. When there’s only one folder I’ve noticed it won’t show the folder. It seems to depend also on other settings such as “view all local content”