Picture doesn't fit on screen after firmware update

I bought the WDTV Live Hub on black friday and it works great. Since I got it I had to apply 5 firmware updates; 2 of those most recently in December. These last 2 updates took me to 3.01.19. Up until this last update my image on screen was fine. However, now the image stretches beyond the borders of my screen, with the time only showing the clock icon and the rest being off screen.

The TV is a 40" Panasonic HDTV, the video settings are set for HDMI automatic, widescreen (setting to normal did not help). Theme is the default Western Digital Mochi (same problem with other themes).

I tried a factory reset and that has not resolved.

I tried rolling back the firmware, but that has not resolved the problem either.

Any help would be appreciated.

I’d check your TV Settings…

I Have a Panasonic 42"  TV and it has an option for “Overscan” which will zoom the picture in and cut the sides of the picture.

(Consult your Owners Manual for how to enable/disable the Option)

Also consider trying a different HDMI Input on your TV  and also maybe a different cable.

Not saying  that will be the cause, but you never know… doesent hurt to try everything (not just with the Hub)

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Go into SETUP / APPEARANCE and change the screen size/calibration setting.    How much do you have to set it to to get 100% of the menu on the screen?

I had this once, it was never a new firmware either.

Strangely its when I was using the latest version of Æonish Hub that had only half a clock.

I played about wth HDMI, Zoom just messed things up, and actually would not let me see the full clock. Then the new firmware came out, and I’m too lazy to go back and redo all my movies again. :slight_smile:

I have to go to 70% in order for the edges to appear on screen properly.

WOW.   It sounds like your TV is stuck in “Zoom” mode or something…

I would dig out your TV’s manual and look at how to adjust the screen.

I’ve never heard of ANY TV requiring a 30% overscan correction…

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Try moving your HDMI input from the Hub into another HDMI socket on the TV.

I cant see how it could get stuck on the TV side, but it may healp…dunno

@JoeySmyth: Hmm, I’ll look into that. Do you think it would suddenly kick in after not doing it for about a month? It was fine, no TV settings, cables, or inputs changed; suddenly 2 firmware updates in a row and poof, my image goes through a growth spurt.

The strange thing is it’s only the left and right sides, the top and bottom have no problem.

That’s definitely a TV setting…  Sounds like you’ve engaged “Stretch” mode or something.

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So I finally had a chance to check my TV’s settings, and sure enough it was a display setting on the TV. I don’t know how it was engaged but the picture setting was set to H-Fill (which I assume is Horizontal Fill). Once I changed it to Full, everything fit back on the screen as normal.

Thank you all for your suggestions and assistance.