Picture as icon for the normal folder icon

Hi there!

Is it possible to add a picture as icon for the normal folder icon the shows up in the video library of the hub?

How can I do that? 

Best wishes


1.) Create a picture of your choice (the one that you would like to have as a picture for folder)

2.) Name that file folder.jpg

3.) Put it on a root of the directory that you would like to see this icon in

4.) let the hub rescan the library (should happen immediately)

sounds great,  I will try that, thanx a lot! :slight_smile:

Someone maybee know the dimensions/size in px of that icons, that are used in the original theme?

The thumbnail must have 2:3 ratio (200x300, 120x180, etc)

Check thumbgen.blogspot.com


Theme XML files precisely define all containers into which the images are used. So you can either stick with default ratio if you’re not going to edit a Theme to fit it, or you can do whatever you want and edit the XML files to account and adjust for whatever you did.