Picasa not working

Couldn’t find a post on people actually using Picasa.  Every time I log into it my box reboots.  Anyone else have it working?

Update:  Just to be clear based on response below, this happens when I enter my Picasa/gmail credentials to login in order to access private photos.

Working for me.   I’ve been using Picasa to add “Backgrounds” to the Hub.   It’s nice to have options other than my own photos or the “WD Creative Masters” images…

Roughly how many photos and albums to you have?  I’m wondering if that is a factor at all.

Does it work if you just scan the photos rather than log in.

I didn’t try that yet, I assumed since my photos are set private (or shared with specific users) I wouldn’t be able to see them without logging in.  

I have a little over 400 albums and 10k photos which I assume put me well above a casual user and well below a real hobbyist/power user.  So I was wondering if that was impacting it.  After I submit my credentials it hangs for about 4 to 5 seconds and then the box reboots.

Yeah only reason I ask, is I briefly used the firmware, and just browsed other peoples photos, and everything was fine.

Just for WD to get a handle on it, maybe the majority of us just browse other peoples photos, and they dont know there is a problem with logging in.

Gotcha.  That is probably the difference.  I’ll try contacting them about it.

I’ve logged in and browsed my private files without any problem.

I am having the exact same issue. As soon as I submit my password the the system appears to crash and then reboots. I only just noticed that Picasa was available and gave it a go - ooops!

At least it just isn’t me. I haven’t had a chance to tinker any more, going to try a few things tonight.

I have the same issue.

Do you all have large libraries of photos?

What do you consider large amounts of photos?

I have over 100 albums out on Picasaweb and over 600 in my library.     So, not sure that that constitutes “large amounts”, as I’m sure there are people with TONS more than me.

I was able to reproduce this issue. Thanks for the bug report.

I’m having the same problem. I do have a lot of albums (100+) and a lot of pictures (3000+).

I’m experiencing the same issue. I don’t have a large library. I hope there is a fix soon. Even though I enjoy the WD Live Hub, it seems to be a bit unstable. Will this ever change?