Pi Drive in a garage


I'm planning on installing a Pi and a Pi drive in my garage to support zoneminder.  My garage is detached to getting Cat 5 out there from the house is not possible.  So, I'm going to use a wifi extender with an RJ45 connector on the bottom to get ethernet out there.

I live in New Hampshire so weather varies quite a bit between summer and winter. I think the Pi will be Ok as I’ve used them in the house and it get’s hotter in the house than in the garage and I expect it’ll like the cold, but I’m concerned about the Pi drive out there as it has moving parts and while I’ve rarely seen the garage go below 30, it can happen on occasion.

Am I OK with the Pi drive or should I be going SSD? If I go SSD, can it handle the writes used by camera data?


Any time you have environmental concerns, you should always choose SSD.

However, cold is typically not a problem for mechanical drives unless it is extreme (far below 0). What is of a concern is how often and how quickly the temperature changes. You don’t want the temperature changes to cause condensation inside the HDD.

In you condition, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about, but if you don’t want to risk it, SSD is the way to go.