Photosync iOS App - SMB or FTP/SFTP Configuration


Issue/Feature Request
I’ve been trying to set up Photosync App which allows for lots of different methods of syncing photos from my iPhone to all the big cloud storage solutions (OneDrive, Google Drive etc), it also allows access for NAS drives via SMB or FTP. I’ve included screenshots of the app and its SMB and FTP config menus which I’m unable to fill in

Conversation with the developer
I’ve been in direct contact with the developer who states that the original WD My Cloud works fine perfectly fine but he’s unable to advise how to make it work with My Cloud Home due to the way SMB configurations for the drive are unavailable and you cannot access the drive via FTS/SFTP.

Reason why I want to use PhotoSync
The MyCloud Home App has the ability to back up photos but the last time I attempted I had to leave my phone (unlocked, with the app in the foreground) on overnight (due to the volume of photos). On completetion the images were on the drive HOWEVER coincidentally the very same day my My Cloud Home unit turned into a brick (no longer worked) with a constant LED light.

Personal opinion
I think we all get that My Cloud Home is supposed to the a lite/basic version of My Cloud with some of the features removed or simplified. But having purchase one of these units, at quite a cost AND reading these forums there seems to be some fundamental issues.

Please could you take a look at my request in earnest (as I see a lot of unanswered posts) and advise.