Photos take forever to open

I have thousands of photos (jpg) on my MyCloud. I can access the MyCloud hard drive from the Internet, and can navigate through the shared folders. I even see the names of individual jpg files listed in each folder. However, the spinning circle at the left of each name just keeps spinning - it seems to take forever for the spinning circle to resolve into a thumbnail icon, And even longer for the photos to actually open in the view window when selected.

Is there some way to set up the system to display a photo immediately when selected?

@DAnderson273 More information is needed. What device and operating system are you using to try and view your photos? Are you talking about using ? Are you at home on your network or away from home using the internet?

Updated 1615 hrs. (CST) While away from home today I looked at some photos using the mobile app on my Samsung Galaxy S7 phone. Each photo only took a couple of seconds to open.