Photos Sync from everywhere

I would like to use the my cloud device for more that just photos.
For example I keep a folder of all my software.
If any of my software folders has a bitmap or any kind of photo or picture then that picture shows up under photos. My photo folder is full of real photos and just images form my software folder.
Worst yet if you delete an image it will delete it from the software folder destroying the integrity of
the software.

In short: My cloud needs to be able to exclude folders from the photo scan because right now any image on the entire device ends up under photos. lol .If there is a way to restrict the folders that get scanned they please let me know otherwise this device needs work.

Hello Hotglue,

The photos view which you are referring to is used to view all image files residing on the My Cloud Home Drive. So, if you delete any image from there, it will delete that file from the original location of that hard drive.

Yes it’s a pain. I get to see all the artwork and images attached to everything in my “Shared Movies” and “Shared TV” from Plex.


YES - PLEASE LET US CHOOSE FOLDERS It’s exactly right. It’s crazy that it auto scans all the folders and dumps every image it finds in the photos tab. It even picks up BMP file but it cant display them so it just puts a white square in the photos tab.

For this reason its a deal breaker. I will not recommend this product to anyone.
Come one WD.

This isn’t a connection problem or bug. IT’S A VERY BAD DESIGN.

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