Photos scaling down in Twonkymedia server 5.1.9 when streaming to TV

Hi, I use Twonkymedia server 5.1.9 on WD My Book World Edition I (included in the firmware, updated to 01.02.12). When I stream my pictures to TV, they get rescaled to thumbnail size. Movies and muscic are ok. For me the media server is of no use when I can’t see the pics. Is there a way to prevent Twonkymedia to transcode the pics ? How can I fix this without knowledge of VI editor and Unix ??
Thanks for your support.

If you go into twonky, and into the media browser,  you should be able to see the pictures. there you can see if it’s twonky that’s resizing the pictures or your tv.

Thank you Wayne, for the quick reply. It’s definitely a problem of Twonkymedia 5.1.9, since pictuer streams from my pc to the TV (PHilips 55PFL7606) show up perfectly well.

I have found another blog posting the same issue and they recommend to change the clients.db file via putty:

Since I’m not an IT crack I’m afraid I wouldn’t succeed with this solution. Is there a different - more confortable - way to come to a better resolution of pictures streamed by Twonkymedia ??

Many thanks in advance

from what I’ve heard, editing the clients.db file is the only thing that might work.