Photos not sorted correctly

I have photos that I have numbered and sorted.  When played back on the WDTV Live Hub, they show up correctly in the numbered sorted order from 1,2,3 and so forth.  When played back on my Ipod 3g, using WD Photo, the photos also show up in the correct sorted order.  The issue is when the same photos are played back on my Android MyTouch 4g phone, the photos are no longer in the order that I sorted them.  It may show photo 110, 83, 2, 12 and so forth instead of the correct order of 1,2, 3 and so forth like it does on my WDTV Live Hub and Ipod 3g.  I have tried clearing the cache and even delete the device and add it again.  Same issue.  It appears that for some reason the WD photo app for the android or the way the photos are being transcribe and placed into the cloud to be send to the android phone is not keeping the photos in the correct order.  Anyone have any ideas on how to resolve the issue or what I might be doing wrong.  As said before the photos remain in the correct order on the device itself and on my ipod 3g.  It would be nice to have this issue resolve as I spend sometime placing the vacation photos in an order so that they tell a story when being watch.   Thanks for any help!

Have you been successful at finding the reason that makes your pictures unable to be displayed as sorted on your Android device?


Nope.  The issue is still there.  I may try and open a support ticket to see what they may say, but thought maybe someone had already seen the same thing with their android phone or device.  I may be one of the few that has sorted their photos for the hub and so then it would not be an issue and not notice as much by someone else.  

I have even tried resetting the hub back to factory defaults, reformatting the internal hard drive and even clearing the cache and trying different cache sizes on the Android.  Nothing I do seems to resolve the issue.  In the process I did find that I needed to add leading zeros to numbers that was assigned to the photos so that the sort would work correctly on the hub and the iPod 3g.  ie:  if my total number of photos in the folder was 99, then an extra zero had to be added to the numbers 1 thru 9.  If the total number of photos were say three digits such as 273, then two additional zeros had to be added to 1 thru 9 and one additional zero addted to the numbers 10 thru 99.  Example:  01  or 001 and so forth. This would only effect the first group of numbers at the begining as all others would be in number sequence.  It seems that the issue has to be something with WD photo app for the android or how the transcriber is handling the photos as it is adjusting the photo sizes for the mobile devices and has an issue when keeping the sorted order correct for android devices. 

I also had an issue once I reseted the hub, and formatted the hard drive.  When I would go back to add the mobile device, even after photos were added, it would give me the promp to add a device, but when it was time to give the activite code, it would go back to the screen asking if you want to add a mobile device.  I would do a reset and even factory reset and still the same thing.  I could go back and get the same results, no activitation code or prompt with  the screen before that.  If I waited long enough and try the add mobile device later in the day, it would then work everytime.   Not sure what may be causing that issue, but as long as I don’t do a factory reset or format the hard drive, it not an issue anymore with the addiing mobile devices.  I would mainly like to get the sort issue resolved as the android phone is what I carry with me most of the time.

We have confirmed with our Engineers that the sort order on the Android platform is done by Date. You will need to save each file in the order you want them listed in to see them in the order you have requested.

If you believe others would find it useful to have other sort options on either the iOs or Android systems, you should add it as an idea in the Ideas Lab.

I would search first and make sure that there isn’t another idea similar to yours that you could add your post to and vote on.

List of Idea Exchanges

Thanks for the responses. 

I will check to see if the idea of adding a sort feature to how the photos are shown has been asked. 

Just as a note, it appears that saving the photos the way you like for the photos to be seen on the android also doesn’t work as I have the photos saved in the order I wish for them to be seen along with them being numbered in a sequence from 1 to say 100.  It appears that the date the photo is saved doesn’t effect the sequence either but what is used instead is the date the photo was created.   I am using photos from four cameras and it just so happen that two of the cameras dates had been reset when the batteries were changed out.   When I go back and look at my photos and see what order they are appearing on my android phone, the photos are in date created order. 

I can go back and change these dates, but that too would take some time.  It just sad that the method used for all of the mobile devices to sort the photos are not the same.  With the the ipod 3g and viewing by TV input using photo name ordered and the android using date created order to sort the photos, it just creates way too much work that shouldn’t be needed for sharing ones photos between the home TV set, media PC’s and when traveling with the mobile devices.  Of course guess not everyone has android phones, iphones, ipods and ipads all in one family but with the mergers of cell companies, more of this will happen.   I guess also in many cases, many users may not spend the time to sort their photos before showing them on their media devices.   For the moment, I guess, sorting the photos in number order is what I will have to continue with so that the photos will at least show up correctly when viewing on the TV set and making sure the dates on the cameras are correct for most of the photos to show up correctly on the android devices. 

For the most part in vacation photos, guess this is not a major issue, but we do travel out of the country and sometimes revisit places different times of the week to add some additional photos we might have missed earlier in the week while still in the same area.  In some cases we also have a film crew traveling with us and will use photos from all of the cameras on the trip so that when showing our trip, it will be more enjoyable to watch.  This also is the case when I am on a movie set shooting behind the scenes photos.   Maybe with my suggestion this issue will get resolved where both worlds will play the photos in the correct order wanted by the user. 

I will say other than this one issue, I have in most part been please with the WD TV Live Hub.  Its has a learning curve on how one wants to place their videos and photos within albums on the device and the transfer speed to add media to the internal hard drive is not that fast.  I have acquired an additional external hard drive, 3tb to use as additional storage for the unit that will be connected to its USB 2 port once I have transfer files while it is connected directly to the PC.  I’m happy to see devices like this one appear on the market that allows an easy way to share ones media without the additional time and expense of using a media PC

The engineers are currently investigating a different method for sort order to make it act the same across all devices. There are no current plans to allow a user to specify sort order however, so that would still be something you should present as an Idea if it interests you.