Photos not automatically backing up after upgrade to Android 6.0.1

I use to be able to take pictures on my phone and store it on my sd card. Then WD Cloud (when connected) would sync up the pictures. Seems after 6.0.1 Android update, it doesn’t backup pictures stored on my sd card. On the My Cloud app I can select any folders that I want to be sync but only on the phone, not the sd card. I cannot select looking at the sd card on the app (going to root then looking for the external card). Not sure if this is an Android issue (since you can make the external card part of the internal storage) or the My Cloud app.
Thanks in advance.

I am currently using Android 5.0 and I am yet to upgrade. Do you have the same issue after re-installing the app and clearing your phone’s cache?

Which android phone do you have? I have Samsung Galaxy S6 with OS 5.0.2. Below is an image of the settings I have on the Photo app that uploads my photos and videos as soon as I take them if wifi is active.

Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it.

Yes, I deleted the app and reinstalled it.
My camera is setup to save the photos on the external SD card. It use to
back it up to My Clould. I think ever since the update it doesn’t. I
changed the Camera option of storing photos from “Memory card” to “Device”
and it backs up correctly.
In the My Cloud app, there is an option “Mobile device” and it shows the
folders on the phone. I am assuming this is where you tell what folder
you are trying to backup?

Sorry tried to send 3 pictures but found out Im limited to only 2
Thanks for your help…
I have a Samsung Note 4 running Android 6.0.1. Not sure which screen you
looking at for your photos. These are the screen shots on My Cloud App.
Is there someplace else I’m suppose to set it up? From this screen I click
on Mobile device.

This is the screen from the Back up options

@David_Sugiyama, On my phone I have the WD Photos app. Below image will show the first screen that comes up.

When I tap on the three dots to the top right a drop down menu appears, see next image.

Then I tap on settings and that takes me to the screen I showed in my first post.

I never had WD Photos but downloaded it and let it run to see if anything
gets uploaded. So far nothing.
Like I said before. When I have my camera save the photo to the phone, it
uploads. When I save it to the sdcard it doesn’t. Use to do it without WD
Photos. Will try and play around with the app more later.

i have a different problem
i just got my Samsung Galaxy S7 (flat\exynos version) and the app is uploading only photos and screenshots
not uploading any videos at all

will glad to get some help with that…

android marshmello not rooted phone

I have the exact same problem as WebsGhost above. It only backs up the photos from SD card.

Can WD provide me a resolution please?

This a User forum. If you would prefer direct assistance then it would be best to contact WD Support. You can do so over the phone or via E-mail.


I have the same problem: just do an 6.0.1 Android update, and my cloud doesn’t backup pictures stored on my sd card.

Any solution? I think it is a software problem, I Try one dive app and works fine… My cloud app does not “see” the sd card…


Hi all. I am having the same problem. After the Update its not syncing with my SD card but works from my phone storage. I have tried to hard reset the phone and also reinstalling the WD My Could. Nothing worked.
The other WD Photo syncing App doesn’t allow you to upload to a folder of my choice as I have many devices backing up to my WD device. I don’t wont all in one Public Folder.
I use Samsung galaxy S5. I am thinking is the update issue but this should have been looked into by WD to make sure the apps works with the update.

I feel like my £300 was wasted on WD as their system is bit outdated.

If anyone has resolved this do let us know.


I am having the same issue. Does WD not support yet to backup the photos stored in SD card?

My Wd my cloud is working as it should do. I just can’t remember how I fixed it.

Sorry, it was my mistake. It works well.
Thank you.