Photos missing


Can anybody help?

Whensetting up my drive i created photo folder in the public folder area

i’ve uploaded a number of photos then decided i would move the photo folder to a private folder by dragging it

all seemed to go well then i clicked on teh photo folder and there were only a couple of photos there.

At the moment the dashboard is showing 2000 + photos on teh drive but i cant seem to access them

I’ve tried rebooting and switciig teh system on and off but to no avail

any ideas?

How are you accessing the folder?

I’m accessing it via the mycloud app both on my mac and ipad and nothings there but it still shows 2000+ photos even after a media rescan /rebuild

Can you try accessing the drive directly?  Finder > Go > Connect to server > smb://ipaddressofmycloud

After you connect, check the folder and see if your files are there.