Photos look terrible!

I’m very pleased with my WD Live HUB regarding playing videos, quality is great with 1080p movies.

But photos in a slideshow look terrible and transissions look like playschool compared to AppleTV for example.

All my photos are saved in 1920x1080px jpg. On my WD TV it looks like they are upscaled from 800x640, terrible.

The same pictures look awsome on AppleTV or from USB in my BRAVIA-TV.

Is your video output set to 1080p?

I noticed that, when set to “Auto” the Hub switches to 1080p modes for videos in this resolution, but photos are shown in 1280x720 and therefore upscaled and unsharp on a Full HD TV.

If video output is set to 1080p, photos are also shown in 1080p.

Edfit: To have an auto switch to 1080p when viewing photos enabled in a future firmware release, I have posted this as an idea. Give it some kudos if you want that too. You can find it here.

Sorry, but that doesn’t apply to me. I have indeed the resolution set to “AUTO” but when doing this both the GUI and Photo-slideshow is in 1080p (my TV tells me so).

Hmm, that’s weird. That in one setup “Auto” defaults to 1080p and the other to 720p.

BTW, have you tried setting the output to 1080p?

I would be very interested to know if you notice ANY difference in picture quality between output setting “Auto” and 1080p.

Edit: It is important to do this test with proper 1920 x 1080 images. I say this, because I noticed that the Hub’s quality of the thumbnails it produces is very mediocre.