Photos includes artwork!

Okay the Photos label is including all the Artwork and images that are in the Shared Movie Folders for Plex. Is there anyway to stop this?

Ideally I don’t want to see any images from the “Plex” folder under the Photos label.


You should check after the power cycle of My Cloud Home i.e. safely power down the device, eject out the cables from router & wall socket, reconnect device and initialize device then check Shared Movie folder for this concern.

Thanks I’ll give that a go…

It’s still doing this.

All the movies artwork is appearing under Photos. Is there no way to get it to ignore that folder?

Keep wishing I’d bought another “My Cloud” instead of this rubbish…

@gibbylinks I do not believe there’s an option to turn off artwork from the photo layout because if the artwork has an embedded image, it will be extracted, a thumbnail generated and presented as a photo.
That’s kinda like saying “I have a folder with photo’s that I do not want thumbnails for”

It’s very easily done on the “My Cloud”.

It should be possible for the software to be written in such a way that it ignores a folder. I mean the folder names are dictated to us, we can’t rename them or change them so it could be “hardwired” into the code.